Architectural designer


I feel immense pleasure when buildings/structures meet creativity. Photography and traveling are my hobbies.
It all began that day when I attempted to model buildings using clay and draw their pictures using freehand. Every time I had to make a decision about my career, I started thinking about how could I converge everything towards architecture. This led me to choose architecture as my major in Bachelors Degree. I learned sustainable designs, creative designs, modern designs, and traditional designs throughout the 5-precious years of my undergrad.
With an aim to use my knowledge and gain experience, I joined Pace Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Pace taught me everything that I required to be a complete Architecture. Besides technical skills, I learned time management, dealing with people, creative thinking, and teamwork. The best part of my professional period in Nepal is when I got the chance to work on National level projects like: (Football Stadium, a Hydropower tower, National Bank, Model Schools).
I was an active volunteer when the Earthquake hit Nepal. I could see a lot of structures being drawn to the ground that resulted in the unimagined loss of life and property. That day, one thing stroked my mind: We still dont have a system in Nepal to think about sustainable design. Thus, I wanted to gain international exposure in order to use my experience in helping to build my own motherland after a few years. I joined Southern Illinois University and SIU gave me everything that I lacked. Seeking to graduate in early 2021, I am looking for opportunities that can help me grow myself more and that can give me a platform to showcase my expertise.
Please find me through my contact information mentioned in the profile. I would be glad to talk about my experiences, your experiences, new opportunities, or anything about architecture.
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Looking for personal growth, developing interpersonal skills, gaining all the experience, and thrive for the betterment of the industry in the future. Love to work in a team .learn to be a problem solver.

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**,000 USD / year

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5 years
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