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Working a new UI features for the Android Logistics apps. Created a generic searchable list using a Recycler View that promotes re-usability. Created unit test, UI and instrumentation tests for the Activitys and Fragments. Continually upgrading the app to conform to MVVM architecture and separation of concerns. Behavioral testing and be able to integrate with different teams such as the back-end and QA teams.


I am seeking a new opportunity in furthering my experience as a Software Engineer specialising in Android Mobile Development, plainly because it very challenging and requires you to keep up with the everlasting changing environment particularly with respect to libraries and new features, after being exposed to this kind of engineering I became very intrigued and I became very much interested in mobile engineering.
I would like to be given more room in technical work with respect to background services, more exposure to-in depth feature building and integration, more focus on UI and instrumentation testing, CI/CD implementation, more exposure to build variants, more exposure to caching information, if however that it is possible. Otherwise, I do enjoy every aspect of android including the UI implementation, I would be keen to work with Flutter. I am able to create structured performance metrics using Firebase Crashlytics, Firebase Analytics and Graphana if required.
Going forward a package that has benefits such as medical aid, pension or a bonus scheme would be ideal.

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**,000 USD / year

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** USD

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1 year

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no experience

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no experience

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1 year
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