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One of my most impressive and relevant work experiences was as an Associate Software Engineer at T-Mobile. In this role, I utilized Kotlin, the Android framework, Android SDK, Jetpack libraries, and RESTful web APIs to design and improve new features for the T-Mobile Android Application. One of my major accomplishments was enhancing the native app search analytics to capture clickthrough rates and verify the time in-app for customers to give useful feedback. I also implemented feature flags, developed the outage page UI design, and ensured the app was inclusive for all users by implementing accessibility features. Additionally, I worked on the Fusion Analytics project and improved the application old flows by implementing Jetpack Compose, View Model, Data binding, Kotlin Coroutines, and the MVVM architecture. I also fixed app crash bugs and wrote unit tests to ensure code quality and stability, which increased the T-Mobile application stability over 99% crash-free, as tracked using Crashlytics.

Another impressive experience was as a Business Systems Developer Intern at RingCentral. I successfully integrated the company's chatbot with NetSuite API using RestAPI and Node.js in the backend, which resulted in improved efficiency and convenience for fetching customer information and purchase order status directly from NetSuite. I also reduced the number of paid licenses required per customer by integrating the chatbot with NetSuite, resulting in significant cost savings for the company. I improved the UX for customers who are not professional NetSuite users by making it easy for them to access purchase history and customer information through the chatbot.

Lastly, one of my notable projects was the Chat GPT Android application using Kotlin, Android framework, Jetpack Compose, and OpenAI's GPT-3 API to fetch responses. I utilized Kotlin Coroutines, Dagger, Hilt for dependency injection, and Google Firebase database for storing user data and chat history. I also developed the Rate My Professor Gender Bias project, where I applied analysis on student reviews from to find a gender bias through text analysis. I used NLP techniques like text processing, sentiment analysis, found gender of the professors from the comments through pronouns, and used scatter text to visualize gender versus word frequency and topic modelling, TFIDF to find dominant terms. Lastly, I developed the Weather App, an Android application to show weather by fetching data from OpenWeatherMap API for providing real-time weather information. I utilized Jetpack libraries, MVVM, Dagger Hilt, ViewModel, Coroutine, Room, Navigation Components, and Data Binding, and Algolia Instant Search service, which helps to look for any location and its weather instantly.

Overall, my technical narrative showcases my proficiency in various programming languages, machine learning, data visualization, cloud platforms, mobile development, and tools. These experiences highlight my ability to develop and improve software solutions, utilize different technologies, and effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams.


Stability, Sense of leadership, Agile

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