AI/ML Researcher


Thirteen years experience in image and natural language processing, and geospatial intelligence. Proven track record of innovative research, engineering and leadership. Competent and effective verbal and written communicator. Known for ability to make difficult technical material accessible to non-technical audiences and describe the why? Looking for a research position to work as part of a high performance team, to continue learning and growing, and to deliver a product that makes a difference in the world.
Proposed, won funding for, and led an NLP deep learning research project with a $225k budget.
Created an AI info retrieval system for scientists to quickly search academic databases. Submitted a patent application for multiple novel algorithms
Led an agile team of 8 engineers for 12 months to deliver scientific software to our customer on time and on budget
Interfaced with scientists and other software teams to bring a prototype to production and successfully integrate components
Created 12 trade secret algorithms or systems and wrote scientific white papers.
Presented multiple papers at company-internal and external conferences.


I'm looking for a research position in AI/ML in the fields of image processing or NLP. Preferably at a small company around Dallas, TX or anywhere that offers full remote or hybrid work arrangements. I love a good challenge because it's always an opportunity to learn something new. It's very exciting to grasp a new concept and implement it to solve a problem. I always try to stretch myself and build on what I've learned to create something novel. When everyone in a team is having that experience together the creativity and excitement is compounded. When we deliver a novel product that impacts lots of people - that is the most rewarding thing to me. That's the kind of work environment I try to create and maintain. That's the kind of environment I thrive in.

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13 years

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13 years
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