AWS Cloud Engineer - WFH

Job Description

Maintain the AWS resource library using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) written in typescript
Write tests and assertions to harden the resiliency of the code
Administer cloud network resources including subnets, routes, DNS, load balancers and firewalls
Troubleshoot Microsoft .NET application performance and functionality
Identify and implement opportunities for quality improvement using test automation
Administer and interpret results from performance tools such as X-Ray, CloudWatch Logs, and Dynatrace APM to promote continuous improvement of products to our customers
Optimize cloud configuration from both a technical and budgetary perspective
Review and enhance runbooks, knowledge base documentation, and log defects
Enforce security tool actions for both short term remediation and prevent recurrence
Identify and remediate application performance and database performance on AWS EC2, Lambda, and RDS (Relational Database Service) instances
Assist with moving workloads from on premise data center to cloud
Configure and maintain Microsoft .NET workloads running on both EC2 instances and AWS Lambda
Learn and stay up to date with current AWS best practices and service offerings

Work in Philippines
Employment Options
Base Salary

1,794 - 3,228 USD

Professional Experience
  • AWS
  • .net
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Jennie Luciano

Senior technical recruiter

Cavite, Cavite, Philippines

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