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TRIA Network Systems (TRIA) is a network technology company that is leading the commercial introduction of Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA). (See TRIA has innovated and developed a patent portfolio based on the most important advancement in networking connectivity and security since the introduction of the first Internet protocols - a networking approach based on fundamental principles.
Networking technology is approaching a fork in the road, with only two clearly delineated paths. The first is the continued extension of the hundreds of protocols evolved around TCP/IP, supplemented by add-on security measures such as encryption, VPNs and firewalls. The second is TRIA’s “clean-sheet” architecture with only two fundamental protocols, simultaneously providing the functionality of current protocols while providing inherent security, isolation, flexibility, and mobility capabilities with a simpler implementation that can co-exist with current technology..
RINA is well-positioned for commercial usage, with strong applicability to IoT, Cloud computing, 5G and the broad security market. RINA can eliminate the need for VPNs, firewalls and separate encryption because of the way it provides isolation and default-deny connectivity. RINA can simplify applications because of the way they reach other applications. RINA can simplify network management because every protocol layer is managed the same way. RINA can simplify mobility and multi-transport devices, such as IoT devices, because it inherently supports mobility, multi-homing, and per-layer choice of routing policy. Come talk to us to hear more.

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