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Canada, Quebec, Mont-Royal

About Evlv

Evlv is a Montreal-based talent acquisition firm that specializes in finding top talent in various industries, with a main focus on the tech industry.
We live in a constantly changing business world, and a key skill to learn to remain relevant is adaptability.
There are many factors, positive and negative, that influence your career such as the economy slowing down or improving, companies restructuring or growing, market needs changing, technology progressing, growth opportunities arising, or unexpected pandemics, etc…
Evlv is your growth partner, we help you take your businesses and careers to the next level by offering advice on how you can make your business practices/skills applicable and adaptable.
Simply put, Evlv stands for “Evolve”.

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2-10 employees





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  • Head Office

  • Address:4480 Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse Suite 310
  • Postal Code:H4N-2R1
  • Phone:(514) 558-1404
  • Location:Canada, Quebec, Mont-Royal


Lolwa Haydar

Technical Talent Acquisition Specialist | Account Manager

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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