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Everyone is unique, but insurance plans are not.
Too often, plans offer blanket coverage, charging customers for coverage they don’t need while not offering enough of what they do.
ASSURANCE celebrates individual uniqueness with our personalized approach to seeking and purchasing insurance. Our platform serves as the intersection between customer and seller, technology and the human touch.
We start by asking customers a few questions, so our system can learn about their needs. From there, our ground-breaking, proprietary platform takes over and analyzes the thousands of data points that make customers unique. This is how we create custom-tailored plans for each and every kind of customer; plans built precisely for their needs and budget.
Our team of engineers, data scientists, marketers, architects, and designers are building systems using advanced science to make humans better. We’re eliminating insurance industry waste and simplifying the complex.
While our technology helps us personalize coverage, our network of experienced agents is how we deliver the right insurance to our customers.
All ASSURANCE Medicare agents are 1099 Independent Contractors and as such have maximum control over how, where, and when they do their work. ASSURANCE simply provides the tools to make your business as successful as possible.
Join ASSURANCE as we reimagine the role of insurance and enhance the personal and financial health of all consumers.

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Ivan Arkhipov

Director of Engineering

Seattle, Washington, United States

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