Territory Manager



Provide empowering sales leadership that drives profitable growth and improved performance in revenue, market share, productivity, customer service, profit margins, and top and bottom line earnings.
Specialize in industrial processes including plastics, steel, machinery and automation. I regularly hit my numbers and have received awards for productivity.
Over 20 years of sales experience with a skill set that included a consultative selling style, selling value over price, building market share through prospecting, cold calling, social media, trade shows, networking, sales forecasting, goal setting and continuing to build a pipeline of connections. Skilled in driving the s ales cycle from qualifying an opportunity to delivering high impact presentations with the ability to differentiate capabilities and benefits, getting rfqs, closing projects and creating long term business relationships. I have a background in mechanical engineering.


A sales position that will enable me to use my 25+ years of sales experience to benefit my company and create a mutual success.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD / year


Total Professional Experience

25 years
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