Software Engineer & Generalist


* Championed an engineering-first culture by building out reusable sets .NET libraries written in C# and Docker images for cross-team collaboration with shared microservices
* Trained across team boundaries with technical leadership in the C# and .NET ecosystem
* Collaborated on the design of APIs and microservices for REST and libraries with C# and .NET
* Engineered the system-of-record license, account and user management microservice with .NET Core and Entity Framework Core to a PostgreSQL database deployed in Kubernetes to streamline the provisioning process
* Enhanced several other platform .NET Core microservices running on Amazon Web Services
* Avid contributor and member of shared services steering and advocacy team
* Advocated for a unified Software Development Life Cycle and processes across the engineering organization
* Pioneered adoption of GitHub Actions to replace TeamCity while implementing custom JavaScript actions for versioning and .NET Core integration}
* Designed and implemented a Microsoft Word add-in integration with existing product and implemented front-end using React and TypeScript
* Maintained HTML to Microsoft Word document conversion service using C# and the Open XML SDK
* Spearheaded core client-side JavaScript data-layer (vanilla JavaScript) and UI-layer (AngularJS) framework components for a single-page client application consuming REST-based APIs
* Pioneered a web browser-based add-in API, security and communication channels to enable first-party applications to support points for customization and extension from third-party developers


I'm looking to be a technical leader driving an engineering-first culture with APIs, tools, libraries, processes and other things to allow my teammates do more than they could alone.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**0,000 USD / year

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

10 years

Startup Experience

1 year

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

8 years
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