Software Engineer


I'm a full stack software engineer skilled in Javascript, HTML, CSS, JSS, React, Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, SQL, Jest, QUnit, Enzyme, TravisCI, Heroku, Postman, PostgreSQL, Compass, Webpack. Currently learning Python.
Im a career changer with humble beginnings -- a professional risen from the ashes of the Great Recession. I'm not a cheerleader for grit and hustle, but I've maximized both to survive adversity over and over again. And here's the truth I've learned after almost a decade in the hospitality, education and tech industry as a brown, queer, immigrant woman: there is no professional landscape inherently designed with my success, growth, and safety in mind. I am a reflection of resilience and resistance, work-in-progress proof that I can accomplish anything, no matter what stands in my way.


I became a software engineer, a technologist, an individual contributor because I care about BIPOC gains and accessibilizing this long gatekept and incredibly profitable industry, I care about lifting my trans/nb/women peers and colleagues, I care about funneling my resources into my community, I care about centering the truth, I care about dismantling the romanticization of this unnecessary struggle. I firmly and deeply believe in my power, the values and intelligence I bring to the table -- the rest is teachable!

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10 years

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