Software Engineer


Over the past 14 years, I have developed strong experience in software engineering and development. Also, in the last times, I could recognize the importance of teamwork and Agile project management to reach business keys out successfully.
I have developed multi-experience with DevOps, Agile Methods, Scrum Agile project management, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript (Front-End Dev), and Back-End Dev with Java 8, Python 3, PHP, Visual Basic 6 by using many design patterns, different types of software architectures, software layers, and frameworks, besides webservices with SOAP/REST for interoperability between systems. Likewise, experience with database implementation such as ORACLE 10G, POSTGRESQL 8, MS-SQLSERVER, MYSQL, and knowledge in PL/SQL, Transact-SQL for performing stored procedures in the persistence layer.
Importantly, I participated and worked several times in software processes such as testing, continuous integration, orders and demands management, requirements analysis, interoperability with webservices, deploying, programming, architectural design (Model-View-Control, layers and tiers), design patterns, version control, bugs control, negotiation with stakeholders, and ICT contract management.
Recently, I have started a new career as a Data Analyst at the Brazilian federal government where I could implement dashboards about access for digital services. From dashboards, I could address many questions such as the rank of most requested services, demands of services by regions and cities, the citizens' profile, the peak of access, access growth analysis, access habits study. Supported by that, the government could define strategies to promote services and improve the recommendation system. Additionally, information security was improved with encryption techniques and anti-fraud mechanisms.


I play a software developer role, and I want to contribute to the development of business keys as much as I can. Occasionally, I will have to learn something new such as methods or business processes for developing creative solutions that aggregate value. But, it is a part of professionalism to get new challenges and learn new tools and processes. I hope I help you to win!

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**,000 AUD

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10 years

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10 years
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