Software Developer


Software Design and Development (CS 350), Term Project Recipe Buddy, Clarkson University
Designed a Recipe Buddy website using Django where users can add, store, and search for different food recipes.
Implemented class-based views, HTML, CSS, and Djangos built-in admin database.
Followed waterfall method of software development to achieve an ultimate goal.
Advanced Programming Concepts in Java (CS 242), Term Project Clack, Clarkson University
Helped to design and implement an instant messaging application using Java.
Utilized sockets and multi-threading with a client-server design to allow users from multiple machines.
Advanced Programming Concepts in Java (CS 242), Extra Project Calculator GUI, Clarkson University
Designed a basic calculator graphical user interface using JavaFX.
Implemented binary operations like addition and subtraction as well as several unary operations.
Allows for button clicks using a mouse as well as user input from a keyboard.
Introduction to Computer Science (CS 141), Final Project, Clarkson University
Designed a hangman game in C++ with five categories to choose from and five different words in each category.
Implemented loops, arrays, structs, functions, and text file inputs.
Created a basic command-line user interface that makes the game visual and fun to play.


I am looking for a software development role where I can a useful asset to a team, but also one in which I can learn and grow as an engineer every day. I expect my employer to help me continue to grow as a person and an engineer and ultimately make the company better.

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