Senior Software Engineer


Latoken, Remote
February 2022 Present
Building low-latency high throughput cryptocurrency exchange.
- Trader reports. Generation a report of orders or trades for a specific period.
- Rates calculation. Calculate current pairs rate according to the internal trades and external rates (MicroProfile, Quarkus, Mutiny).
- Telegram bot for support. Traders can address their issues to the bot which propose a decision tree and then the bot creates a task in bug tracker (WebFlux, Project Reactor)
- Deferred rewards. Additional airdrop functionality when exchange can distribute rewards to users on the scheduled date with specified velocity.
- New asset table - low-latency data aggregation for the main page. Decreased time to response from 8-9 sec up to 700 ms
- Integration with Tron blockchain for tracking incoming transactions and further payments confirmation. (Golang)
- Bug fixing, performance tuning
OTP Bank, Moscow Tech Lead
September 2021 February 2022
As we successfully implemented an ability to issue credit cards we decided to propagate the solution to debit digital cards.
I ruled this project with the following responsibilities:
- Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Postgres (Stolon). I'm supporting the Kubernetes cluster and Postgres databases. We have a dedicated DevOps engineer but we share some maintenance tasks.
- Monitoring: ELK. I've configured dashboards and alerts and work with logs.
- CI/CD: TeamCity. I'm responsible for the whole software lifecycle - requirements, design and architecture, decomposition, implementation, code review, testing and release. Also I participated in development of IaaS scripts for TeamCity.
- Implementation: Camunda, Java 11, Spring Boot 2.
- Testing: JUnit5, Mockito, RestAssured, TestContainers.
- Finding out business requirements, translating them to technical tasks and decomposing them.
- Conducting technical interviews
In order to get high code quality I always conduct code reviews and do my best.
OTP Bank, Moscow Senior Software Developer
September 2020 September 2021
We are making a global card issuing system. We named it "Card Conveyor".
This solution is responsible for the entire card's lifecycle, never mind, is it credit or debit card, with physical plastic or a virtual one.
We cover the whole client's journey - from online application up to courier's delivery and card activation.
The heart of our system is a BPM engine.
We have complete integrations with the bank's core systems, DBO and third parties systems.
The solution consists of multiple microservices which are deployed in a few Kubernetes clusters across multiple datacenters.
OTP Bank, Moscow Senior Software Developer
May 2019 September 2020
We have made the global agile transformation in the bank.
We have successfully installed cloud infrastructure, built and configured CI/CD processes, made integrations with third party systems and banks core systems.
We have built and run from scratch the process of issuing debit cards through the digital channel.
We have automated cards personalization process.
We have decreased card delivery time from 7-14 days up to 1 day for all regions
We have made process of issuing and delivering instant debit cards
We have made process of issuing premium debit cards
Epam Systems, Togliatti Data Engineer
February 2019 May 2019
Unfortunately I didnt work on real project here. I came as a data engineer and it was new experience for me. I passed internal Big Data courses and was assigned on an open source project. Here I worked with frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and Hive.
NetCracker Technology, Togliatti Software Developer
August 2018 February 2019
Worked on the service orchestration solution in the SDN/NFV MANO department. It's used in the telecom industry for services provisioning. The solution had integrations with Versa and Juniper. I implemented ability to create a process with manual tasks.
NetCracker Technology, TogliattiSoftware Developer
May 2017 August 2018
The project I worked on was a telecom equipment inventory. After successful delivery we got the order to upgrade the solution. Had 2 business trips to Paris. In general we customized the existing solution. The main activity was working with documentation and changing the code base (Java, SQL - Oracle) according to the design.


Financial domain (Bank, Crypto exchange, FinTech), Work life balance

Employment Preferences
  • Dubai, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD / month

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

6 years

Startup Experience

2 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

5 years
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