Senior Software Engineer


I'm a Senior Software Engineer / Technical Lead with 16 years in the industry.
I'm experienced with full life-cycle of global, high-loaded, distributed web-based systems, successfully delivered 7+ mid-scaled websites targeted for international audience and 30+ small projects in the web, internet and networking segments.
I'm mostly experienced with back-end development with NodeJS, C++, PHP, Perl, *SQL, NoSQL (MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, BerkeleyDB, in-memory databases) and JavaScript / CoffeeScript front-end under Linux. I have also used other Web and UNIX technologies and performed system programming and optimization tasks.
My top priorities:
- focus on result
- pragmatic step-by-step approach based on agile methodology
- full responsibility
Web Development:
- NodeJS, JS / CoffeeScript
- PHP: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Kohana, YII2, Falcon, Slim
- Perl / CPAN, Python, Java
- Front-end: jQuery, Backbone, React
- WebSocket / / Comet
- MV*C, pull-based MVC, xCGI
- web-based multitier applications
System Programming:
- C++/GCC, UNIX programming
- STL, Boost / ASIO, GNU Common C++, QT (basics)
- proprietary web frameworks in C++
- IPC / sockets, networking, multi-threading & asynchronous programming
- optimization, basics of assembler x86
System Architecture:
- Micro-Services architecture
- Distributed systems design
- RESTful API development and integration
- MySQL: InnoDB & MyISAM
- NoSQL: Berkeley DB, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis
- RAM DB (STL-based)
- Oracle (basics)
Other Technologies:
- Video processing with FFMPEG
- Wordpress sites management: Multisites, WP CLI, customization
- Image processing (Imagemagick, GD), duplicates detection algorithms
- E-commerce, payment gateway integration (Stripe, Paypal, Multicards, smscoin etc)
- Website hosting solutions
- Social networks integration
- Search engine technologies based on reverse-index
Operating Systems:
- Linux: RedHat & Debian families, Solaris, FreeBSD, Windows NT/2000/XP/7/8. LAN.
- DevOps: SCM, Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, FishEye, Testlink, Vagrant, Docker.
- Sys.admin: routing, firewall, virtualization, RAID/LVM, DNS / fakeDNS, sendmail, postfix, DKIM, SPF, SpamAssassin, VPN setup, SNMP, Squid/Privoxy, Shell Scripting, cloud technologies.
Major Achievements: developed a "mini-Google" search engine.


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16 years

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5 years

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