Mechanical Design Engineer


I have designed hardware: a dual-rotor wind turbine and a bipedal robot. During undergraduate education, I led a team of four persons to design and build a dual-rotor wind turbine on schedule. To save manufacturing time and cost, I developed a modular blade that allows rotors to have a different number of blades and we produced the experimental device by using a 3D printer for the housing of motors and machine tools to create rotors with aluminum sheets and woods.  As a result, our team obtained the second-best award out of six teams. At graduate school, I initiated a project to design a low-cost bipedal robot with the collaboration of a company that develops low-cost robotic arms. I designed a bipedal robot in SolidWorks that combines off-the-shelf parts with the mechanical structure of a joystick. Because of this design, the robot has better mechanical properties (moments of inertia, weight, etc.) in comparison to existing robots at a lower cost. Also, I optimized the ratio of weight and strength of the leg structure by performing Finite Element Analysis (FEA). As a result, the price of the bipedal robot became 10 times cheaper than that of existing robots.


I would like to work in a group of diverse people who have different backgrounds. In such a stimulus environment, I am eager to design mechanical components/robots in 2D/3D CAD and/or prototyping them using 3D printers and machining tools.

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