Machine Learning Engineer


My education has provided me with the theoretical background in algorithms, machine learning, and deep learning, along with technical expertise in Python. Having worked in industry at companies such as Amazon and Cash App, I know how to work collaboratively with others and understand how to prioritize tasks and reach deadlines when working with various stakeholders. I am interested in doing machine learning and deep learning research. I find these topics fascinating and think that there are a lot of interesting problems to solve both in the data space with the creation of synthetic data for use in training models, but also model development itself.


I am interested in roles in helping teams develop and expand their machine learning infrastructure and knowledge base. I enjoy applying machine learning to existing problems and would love to be able to contribute to a team that is experimenting and researching SOTA techniques.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**0,000 USD

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

6 years

Startup Experience

4 years

Big-Tech Companies

2 years

Enterprise Experience

no experience
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