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I have a university degree in Software Engineering where throughout the course we developed code for multiple projects such as AI and for use within the Unity engine. I have personally developed software capable of utilising both the A* Pathfinding Algorithm and a Genetic Algorithm in order to find paths through a maze (A* finds the quickest path possible, GA is random). Furthermore, I have been involved in multiple projects where I have programmed UI and mechanics.


Ideally I'm looking for a role where I can develop software in an environment where I have a team to help guide and teach me. I have the most experience with C# and the Unity engine, however learning new programming languages is not an issue as I am a quick learner (I taught myself C# for a project to begin with). Furthermore, I would benefit from having smaller responsibilities to begin with but would gradually pick up more as I gain experience. Junior/Graduate roles would be the exact level I am at.

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