Director of Operations


Serviced a $500MM lease portfolio (8,000+ contracts). Integral part of rapid company growth, increasing volume 150% per year over 5-year period.
Specific servicing areas include Contract Accounting, Sales & Property Tax, Collections, Loss & Litigation, End of Term, Customer Service, UCCs, Vehicle Titling Trust and Insurance.
Developed Process & Procedures improving communication, role identity and turnaround times leading to increased customer & vendor satisfaction.
Proficient in Excel creating reports, program audits and portfolio monitoring providing improved visibility and control to upper management and banks.
Lead Documentation & Funding Department and act as key liaison with banks.
Designed, wrote and oversaw programmer of a WordPress website and built a SquareSpace website leading to remarkable cost savings versus fully outsourcing both sites.
Point person for implementation, customization and rollout of a new deal management system increasing efficiency company wide.
Analyze equipment bid opportunities: profit, risk, sale cycle and compare "as-is" vs. refurbished marketing strategies to position the company for successful buys.
Coordinate funding via private investor and bank lines.
Oversee all aspects of purchasing equipment internationally including title, tax, logistics and insurance while keeping our interests secure and without loss.
Work with refurbishment partners on equipment leads, project costs and sale terms.
Travel internationally establishing relationships which have led to over $10MM in new investments.
Successfully converted an equipment lease at end of term into $2MM of additional profit for the company.


I am seeking opportunities using my operations and program management experience and hope to learn new skills along the way. While I am looking to continue in my current field of equipment finance and investment, I am also open to other industries as I feel my skills are transferable.

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