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I am a communications professional with nearly two decades of experience in the public and private sector. As the Distance Learning Coordinator at a Big 12 university, I oversaw the campus transition to digital streaming, e-Learning and collaboration. I broadened the educators' reach through the adoption of new technologies and used filmmaking to show the world the difference we were making. I've spent the past 5 years producing high quality marketing, internal communications and training content for a large Oil & Gas Exploration company, resulting in measurable change in attitudes and behaviors.


I prefer to work in a corporate or agency environment in any industry with a management team that wants results-oriented story-telling to be the norm of how the company communicates. This needs to be an environment which supports the creative processes required to produce media that results in changes the organization wants to see. Management should embrace new technologies or techniques that allow us to find the hearts of our business and make behavioral change possible, whether external or internal.

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18 years
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