Control Engineer


As an undergraduate student researcher, I worked with a hopping robot that was built 20 years ago. Because of its age, it did not work the first time. To find the problems on the hardware, I developed several test software for sensors and each peripheral device and fixed mechanical and electronic issues as well as upgraded software and hardware so that it can work with modern computers. Also, I developed a hopping motion controller in C/C++ by applying state estimation (Kalman filter) and PID control. As a graduate student researcher, I developed walking controllers for bipedal robots that enable robots to walk on different terrains. In this work, I created software that optimizes walking gates for each terrain with Matlab and used nonlinear control to overcome the nonlinearity of the system. To help my colleague, I also developed sensor acquisition software with real-time Simulink.


I would like to work in a group of diverse people who have different backgrounds. In such a stimulus environment, I am eager to develop control software and test it on the hardware or build robotic systems by combining electronic and mechanical components.

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**,000 USD / year

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2 years
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