Business Analyst


During my time at the University of Michigan, my degree in Economics has provided me with the ability to think critically and analytically, allowing me to solve unstructured business questions and find viable solutions. Furthermore, my coursework in Python, Statistics, and Excel for Data Analytics has given me the technical skills needed to deliver actionable insights and perform deep analyses on data to create compelling data-driven stories. In addition to my educational experience, my internship experience at E15 Group during the summer of 2019 has provided me with substantial experience in data visualization and developing action-oriented analyses based on key performance indicator data. First, I used SQL to pull the necessary data from the database. I then utilized Python and Excel to strategically manipulate the data to help accurately measure and compare performance between venues in the company portfolio. Furthermore, I interacted with our clients to gather knowledge about their customer bases to help cater the strategic recommendations I was developing. The insights I uncovered are being used by several analysts firm wide, and are being used to further improve the way they conduct business. I am re-recruiting for business analyst positions due to my New Grad offer being rescinded due to COVID-19.


I am looking for a job where I am working to improve or drive business success by the means of analytics. I am looking for a job where I can use data to find solutions for the company and formulate strategy based off of those insights.

Employment Preferences
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**,000 USD / year

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** USD

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1 year

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1 year

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

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