Founding Full-Stack Engineer

Job Description

Role overview
We are seeking a talented Founding Full-Stack Engineer with prior web3 experience to join our team. In this role, you will wear multiple hats, collaborating with our team, engaging with users, and contributing to our technology stack - from frontend and backend components to smart contracts. Your expertise and innovation will play a crucial part in our product development process.

Collaborate with the team to drive product development and contribute innovative ideas to enhance our products and services
Design and build systems from scratch
Develop and maintain both frontend and backend components of our platform
Write, test, and deploy smart contracts
Continuously monitor and improve system performance and security
Work with backend, if needed

4+ years or equivalent level of experience as a software engineer
Experience with Web3 development and smart contracts.
Proficiency in multiple programming languages, such as JavaScript and Solidity.
Knowledge of front-end frameworks, such as React and Next.
Experience with back-end frameworks, such as Node.js.
Understanding of blockchain technology and decentralized applications.
Excellent communication skills, ability to collaborate effectively with team members and stakeholders.
UI/UX experience is a significant advantage
Previous founder experience is a significant advantage

Note to all the applicants
Important! In your cover letter, please provide us with examples of your previous projects.

Why it's great to work with us

Our Values:
Goal driven and process focused
We value a goal-driven and process-focused approach, striving to achieve specific objectives and outcomes while emphasizing the establishment and adherence to well-defined systems for efficiency and effectiveness.

Embrace curiosity
We encourage team members to be inquisitive, explore new ideas, and challenge assumptions to discover opportunities for growth and improvement. Embracing curiosity means proactively learning new skills and technologies, seeking feedback and constructive criticism, and experimenting with calculated risks to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Have fun
We believe work should be enjoyable and fulfilling, and having fun fosters a positive, productive work environment. We aim to create an atmosphere where employees can express their creativity, be themselves, and enjoy their work.

About us
We're dedicated to building products that deliver frictionless user experiences in web3, aiming to onboard the next billion users. Our first product is a wallet connection tool that simplifies authentication, identity management, and account abstraction for dApps, creating seamless login and authorization flows.

With a healthy runway following our pre-seed round, we're backed by investors such as AllianceDAO, Balaji Srinivasan, Alchemy Ventures, Cory Levy, Soma Capital, and others.

Work in United States
Employment Options
Base Salary

70,000 - 85,000 USD

Professional Experience
  • Web3
  • JavaScript
  • Solidity
  • React
  • Next
  • Node.js
  • DApps
  • UI
  • UX
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